Here's September's Gallery
I used a different format without thumbnail images this month because the images come from a lot of different places so I thought I'd say a bit about some of them. When you're finished with this page, just close it and you should be back at the main gallery page.

I did a bit of travelling this month so a lot of the pics are a bit like postcards (!) Next month I'll try and do some more with people in them.

The first couple are the renovations to the  old Farnham House near Cavan. It's being turned into a hotel to be operated by Radisson

I took a trip to Loughcrew megalithic tombs. I can't believe I live 10miles away from these things and have never been there before. It's a great day out for kids. The views are fantastic, it's the highest point in County Meath and you can see 14 out of the 32 Counties of Ireland if you get a clear day. They're about 5000 years old, predating Stonehenge and the Pyramids at Giza. They're a bit like Newgrange (never been there either!!!) but there are no crowds. The day I was there, there were six people and two of those were guides from the OPW. You can read more about them here..

Cairn T

Here's a view of Oldcastle from the top

and here's one of the scenery in that direction. Typical Irish weather, you can see the sun shining brightly on the village of Oldcastle, and very heavy rainfall over Lough Sheelin in the background..

I tried doing a couple of panoramic photos of the view from the top. I'm posting them here to give you an idea of the views, they're really something. It was my first try and I'm not extra happy with the results. They're a fun idea though and I'll have another go. Click on each one to open a much larger version of it. Here's a couple of tips if you want to try it yourself.. use a tripod and make sure it's level..set the camera exposure on manual...overlap each picture by about 15-20%. I didn't do any of these, but I will the next time!!!

On a lighter note, It's amazing what you can see in small villages. I was out on the street one evening and noticed this contraption

Turned out it's a 50th birthday present for Charlie Mullally (I think he's more...) from his workmates. Hope he enjoys it, I'm sure he will

I was in Donegal at a wedding and the next day I took a little road trip to clear my head...

This is near Ardara in west Donegal. I think the men in the foreground are gathering rack (seaweed). I can't think of anything else they could be doing, the little platforms don't look like anything you could grow shellfish on. If you know different, let me know..

The cows are not too interested.


Donegal tourism is very well developed, they can even help you to locate missing elderly relatives..


These next few are of Glengesh pass between Ardara and Carrick and Glencolmcille. It's a beautiful place but don't go there if your clutch is slipping and don't forget to apply the handbrake when you get out to take a picture.


steep fields

farm on valley floor


from the top

Ideal place to live if you like to play loud music or wander round in the nude!
lonesome homestead

This is Teelin bay looking from the pier back towards Sliamh League. Isn't it beautiful?


Here are the cliffs at Bunglas (Green bottom), the highest sea-cliffs in Europe at 600m. Look for the small boat in the second picture for an idea of the scale of this place. I've been lucky enough years ago to see them from the sea, and they're incredible. Click here for a bit more about them.



This lake is used as a reservoir, it's on top of the mountain near the cliffs.


This is a boat leaving Teelin bay. It's a lovely sheltered spot but everything changes once you get outside the mouth of the bay. The hills in the background are the mountains of the north Mayo coast.


Back into Killybegs, the fishing capital of the North-West. The trawlers look really colourful in the summer sunshine.



I took a few pics around the farm of my friend Hugh John Patton. He keeps cattle and chickens (for free-range eggs)  at the mouth of the Erne near Ballyshannon

This the bar mouth, where the river Erne meets the sea. In the background you can see Benbulben and Mullaghmore in County Sligo.

Bar mouth

It's time Brendan got a new motorbike. He's way too big for this one...


It was starting to get dark but the sun was still shining brightly through the clouds


Here's a view of Ballyshannon from the Estuary. The tower cranes you see are building a new bridge across the Erne right in front of the Cathaleen falls hydro-electric dam. Should be a nice view from there when it's finished.

Wardtown Castle


The old beemer's not built for this kind of terrain!!


Here's the Erne estuary and the Leitrim hills from Shegis hill . On the right at the opposite side of the river is Finner Army Camp



The tide's in, often there would be a lot of sand in this picture. The Erne estuary follows a very narrow channel and most of it is very shallow, boats are always running aground


And last, here's a pic of myself, the only one on the site so far. Don't tell anyone